Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Chili's Kind of Night!

Sunday night after picking Xander up from a weekend with his Grandma Jean, I was definitely not in any mood to cook dinner. So we decided to take the kiddo out to eat. One of our most-visited family restaurants seems to be Chili's. I love that I can get any one of their burger options and make it a vegetarian black-bean burger! Definitely a plus on my end! And there are so many options for Xander too. It's great because even though french fries are an option, he always seems to pick mandarin oranges or some other fruit. I am absolutely OK with that! (even though he snags a couple of my fries at some point)

As much as I love Chili's though, it was unfortunate for our waiter that the cook sent my burger out still cold. I know it wasn't his fault, but his tip still suffered. By the time I got my burger re-made (i honestly wouldn't have cared if they had just re-heated it), Xander and Tiff were just about finished with their meal. I was a little upset. And hardly even a sorry. Luckily, once I DID get my burger, it was finger lickin' good! Shiner Bock BBQ Black Bean Burger... wish I had gotten a picture of that one cause it was YUMMMMMY!

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