Sunday, August 21, 2011

Women's Redrock Music Festival

Well, I'm about a week behind on blogging, but you know what, life has just gotten really crazy around here. Getting down to the last month of planning our wedding has definitely put on a lot of stress. And hey, it's better late than never!

So last week was Women's Redrock Music Festival (WRMF) down in Torrey, UT. It is one week out of the year that Tiffani and I really look forward too. Because of our budget cuts this year, with the wedding coming up, we had to cut out all camping and getaways, but WRMF was one that we just couldn't do. This was our 3rd year attending - we started going after we had just been dating for about a month or so, so it's definitely something that has always been a part of our relationship.

WRMF is a gathering of a bunch of independent women musicians just rockin' out as a couple hundred our so spectators just chill on the lawn on their blankets and camp chairs enjoying the sounds - all with this beautiful landscape surrounding us all. It is an experience that is just so moving. Tiffani and I mentioned that every year we leave with new thoughts, new ideas, new inspiration. To be surrounded with such moving lyrics written by some very strong women is just so powerful to me.

As soon as we got to the festival, planted our chairs, and got cozy, I just felt like I was HOME. There is something about this place that just sets me at ease. I don't know if it's because Tiffani and I came here so early on in our relationship so I relate it to how newly in love we were at the time, but it just always brings us so much closer together. The lyrics move me more. The melodies give me more chills. I'm brought to tears so much more quickly. It is just an experience that hits me right down to my bones. And it burrows it's way into my soul from the moment I get there until we drive out past the redrock to head back to the bustle of the real world. The world just stands still for the 2 days we're at WRMF. We didn't talk about wedding planning. We didn't worry about Xander. We just enjoyed each other and the music that filled the air.

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