Thursday, May 30, 2013

What a year!

We are officially on summer vacation! Well, I take that back. Xander is on summer break. Tiff and I still have the normal work schedule all day every day while Xander gets to have fun at summer camp for the next couple of months until he starts first grade at a new school!

Look at this guy! Not a TON of difference, but I can definitely see a change in his face. Definitely less baby, and he has a whole new set of teeth coming in. By December 2012, he was missing almost the whole front of his smile. Now he's getting his permanent teeth and his whole smile has changed.

This year, Xander has changed in many ways. As a kindergartner, trying to find his way socially, we have found that he sure is a chatterbox. That's all we ever hear. He's a fantastic student academically. He's reading above and beyond his grade level. He's learning quickly. He catches on. But he just needs to stay focused and stop talking! I do not know where he gets that because both his dad and myself were very shy growing up and just kept to ourselves. In the long run though, he will probably benefit from being a more outgoing and talkative individual.

Not only is Xander moving to a new school district for elementary school, but we had to say goodbye to the amazing YMCA program, where Xander has spent every day after school as well as summer camp last year. What an amazing group of people over there! They are always interested in parents being involved. They teach their students real life-lessons, rather than just make it a daycare situation. I will truly miss the YMCA friends I made through volunteer work, and I'm sad that Xander is having to end that chapter in his life.

Next year, life will be different for Xander. More time spent at his dad's house. A uniform to school every day. A whole new set of friends. I hope he is able to adjust to all the changes easily.

Until then, we will be enjoying the summer with library time, farmer's markets, bike rides (and hopefully finally learning how to ride without his training wheels!), swimming, and playtime at the park.

Now when do I get MY summer vacation?!

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