Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Big Day!

And because I have been married for 3 weeks, as of tomorrow, it’s about time I tell the story of the happiest day of my life.
The night before our wedding day. We’ve finished up our rehearsal dinner with friends and family, and Tiff and I are standing out by my car getting ready to leave. But not home together. She’s going to her mom’s up in Ogden, and I’m headed back to our empty apartment for the night. We decided to keep tradition and not sleep in the same bed the night before the big day. Besides, I had our slide-show to work on all night that I hadn’t even started! I get home, make a big pot of coffee, and settle in to get working on the slide show. As soon as I start looking at the pictures and listening to the sappy music I’ve picked, I start bawling like a baby. I can’t believe I’m about to marry my best friend! And once it starts, I just can’t stop. I’m texting Tiff all night until she falls asleep around 2am, and all we can talk about is how excited and happy we are. And how our stomachs are full of butterflies in anticipation of such a huge day. Finally I finish the slide show around 330 and just collapse. I’ve only got a couple hours before I have to wake up and head up to the ceremony site to start getting decorations set up.
What a strange feeling when I wake up a few hours later. Today’s our wedding day! After all the planning, arguing, and stressing, we’re finally here! This is the day that I’ve dreamt of since I was little.
So my good friend, Dawnita, and I head up to Dana & Luke’s house (where our wedding is located). It’s just crazy to think that I’m driving up to my wedding right now, and the next time I go back to our apartment will be with my new wife! After getting up there and getting started on some of the decorations, I see that Tiff and her mom has pulled up. We have agreed to see each other in the morning just so we can set everything up together, but once we start getting ready, we wouldn’t see each other until just before the ceremony. But even just seeing her walk in, knowing I was going to marry her about 6 hours later… I was just so giddy and excited. I gave her a big hug. All I really wanted to do was kiss her, but that was against our rules :) So we got everything all set up, and then it was time to get ready. (not gonna lie, just reliving this is giving me nervous butterflies, just like I had a few weeks ago when we were about to get ready for the big moment!). I gave her another big hug and told her I’d see her soon.

Those few hours just FLEW by! Before I knew it, I was ready, and our photographer was telling me it was time to go see Tiffani. AH! So we were both on either side of the fence door holding hands…. And finally we got to peak around…. Can you say breathtaking?! That moment was incredible. I just couldn’t stop looking at her. She looks beautiful every day, but to see her all dressed up as my bride, knowing we were about to say our vows in about half an hour… priceless! And then of course I got teary. And then we went to go drink some nerve-calming wine :)

The rest of the evening really just went so quickly for me. The moment I stood at the door with my dad getting ready to walk down the aisle was so surreal. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. She and I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. We finally made it! The meaning in the vows I made to Tiffani that day are so real and so everlasting. I made promises to her that I will never break. And I know her promises to me are just as real and unconditional. It was really amazing to be able to announce our love and our commitment to each other in front of our friends and family members. It is still hard to believe that we actually did it. Went through with something that is still so taboo in Utah. But it didn’t matter to us. No, there was no actual legal document for us to sign (although our officiant, Luna, did have a little certificate of commitment made up for us, which I think is awesome), but it’s not the documents that matter. It’s the promises. The commitment. The lifetime of true happiness together as a family. Tiffani even made a promise to Xander to always support him in his life as well, which to me, is just as important as loving me and making a promise to me. Knowing that my son will always be loved by those in our house is very important to me, and I know that although it’s not always easy or natural for Tiff, she’s always trying. And if you ask me, I think she does a great job and being a co-parental unit in our home :)

After our vows were said and we were pronounced partners for life, we went a few blocks away to have some pictures taken with Xander. We came back, had a quick bite to eat, and then the reception started. It was a big blur. A lot of people came to support us on our day. Some people we never would have expected to show up. It really was so great to know that we are loved and supported.

Finally the big day was over. Once I sat down, I had a hard time getting back up. Once we got the cars all packed up, we headed home. Unfortunately, Tiff was way too tired, and we had to switch driving halfway through. It was fine with me. I was tired, but I was ok to get me and my new wife home.
I’ve searched high and low, near and far, for a love like the one I share with Tiffani. And it’s like nothing I could have ever expected or asked for. Every moment has truly been a dream come true. No, not every moment has been perfect in our 2+ years together. But those ‘imperfect’ moments… I wouldn’t have wanted to go through them with anyone but this girl. The girl that has stuck by my side when I was going through a really hard time. When I was weak, she picked me up. From rock bottom. She’s inspired me to be a better person. She’s encouraged me to work hard for the things that I want. She is the only person I can imagine going through this life with. Nobody else could ever suffice. Life has had a whole new meaning since she walked back into my life 2 years ago. Every day we grow together. Whether it’s the result of a disagreement or the result of experiencing something new together… we’re always learning more about the other person. We’re always working to learn what works best for our relationship. I’m so incredibly happy and LUCKY to have found Tiffani. And for her to have picked me! Among anyone else in this planet, she chose me. It still hits me – I don’t know where I got my luck, but I’m not going to question it or argue all that much :)
To my new wife – you are the love of my life. I will always remember the happiness we shared when we first started dating, on our wedding day, and throughout our amazing honeymoon. I will never take you for granted, and I will always keep my promises to you. I take our vows very seriously, and I hold them close to my heart. I’m so happy to say that the day you made me your wife is genuinely the happiest day of my life. I love you, Wifey! <3

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