Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Planning

We're BACK! It's been almost a month since I've had a chance to update anything on here. As soon as Xander's birthday party ended, we were full swing into wedding planning, then the wedding happened, then we were on our honeymoon for 2 weeks. Since we've been back, we've just been trying to get back to a normal life where nothing revolves around planning an event. I know I owe you guys wedding and honeymoon posts, but I first I've gotta tell you how stressful planning a wedding is! This is especially true if you decide to do it all yourself. Tiffani and I spent hours and hours upon end crafting so many different elements of our wedding. Many trips were made to JoAnn's for many different materials. There were arguments over if we really needed a certain project or if we were just taking on too much (yes, yes we were). And then there was that meltdown I had when I couldn't get my tissue paper flower to work out for my bouquet as it was supposed to. Oh, THAT was a fun night about a month before the wedding. Let me tell you, I was a few ruined flowers away from calling the whole thing off.

Never in our lives have we felt so much stress as we did during the wedding planning. Luckily we did have some help, but much of it was on our own. I am firm believer that if you can get through all the wedding planning (without the help of a hired wedding planner) with your spouse-to-be, you are smooth sailing from the 'I Do's' on out. Tiffani and I made it through so much in the year and a half of planning our big day. We dealt with a completely messy apartment for the last couple months because we had to store all our decorations somewhere. That in itself made us crazy! The disorder around us made us feel even more stressed.

Now that it is all said and done, I can say that every little detail that went into our big day was absolutely worth it. Every bit of frustration. Every disagreement. Every stupid tissue paper flower that tore (that in the end, I ended up not even using and made a much better bouquet). Our wedding day was perfect. Everything turned out so beautiful, and all those stressful days leading up to it were forgotten. Here are some pictures of some of our crafty work and how it all turned out.

here's me working on the backdrop for the candy buffet

finished product
put into use with our beautiful candy buffet put together by Tiff's sister Brandi

the stack of wedding decor... note the billions of paper pompoms, made by yours truly

my favorite project - my bouquet! It was made with Tiff's tshirts, some tulle, and black stones for the centers

our gift table - Tiff got crafty and made the card box in the corner. I was proud of her craftiness :)

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