Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Movie Theme Night - Cars 2

I'm so excited to tell you how fun my night with my little family was last night! Beware.. Super picture-heavy! Around here, we love Friday night movie nights. We pick up candy and treats, rent a movie, and veg out for the night. But you know what? Sometimes it's just the same ole' every time. Does your family ever get in a rut of what fun things to do at home? I know we do!
Yesterday at work, I was feeling like we needed a pick-me-up from the regular movie night at home. It didn't take much either! Cars 2 was the theme for the night, and let me just tell you what was on the menu.
We had some yummy "Mack's Mac-n-Cheese"
"Tow-Mater Taters"
And of course, we had to wash it down with some "Fuel!"

Something so simple as adding labels and fun movie themed titles for your food makes such a difference to your boring movie night. It was fun letting Xander figure out which movie we were watching from the foods we were eating. Pretty sure it was the Tow-Mater Taters that gave it away.After our simple, but yummy, dinner, I had a little activity planned. Going along with the Cars theme, I found a template online for a blank license plate, and we all created our own vanity plates. No rules at all - just be creative and use your imagination.

My favorite part of Xander's plate is where he wrote "Hole <3 Xander." He said, "Look! It says Holly loves Xander." Oh how I love kids and their phonetic spelling!
I wasn't nearly as creative with my #1 Mama plate. And as you can see, I'm not nearly as talented with my drawing as I am with my kitchen skills. My drawing could probably pass as a 1st grader's creation.

I wasn't sure if Tiffani would be up for the little artsy project, but you know, she did just fine coming up with something fun. Just see for yourself.....
Either you get it or you don't.... Not going into explanations... I, personally, love her creativity HA!

Anyway - so after our craft, I made us a big bed on the family room floor with lots of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. We watched the first half of Cars 2 and then had an "Ice Cream Pit Stop!" (Thanks Sarah for the idea!)

One top of our Cookies and Cream, we had some "paint chips" and "gravel and sand".
Of course, no pit stop would be complete without some "Hot Tar!"
Xander was very pleased with his Pit Stop Sundae!
After our Pit Stop, we snuggled back up to finish the movie. Well, Xander finished. Tiffani and I, on the other hand, didn't make it to the end. We were out cold!
But what a fun night we had! It was a simple movie night, made fun and different with a few little labels and activities. I know it was nothing great - no fancy cooking, no fancy dessert - but the kids don't care about that. They just care about the experience and the time together as a family! Because you know, THAT is what it's all about!
What do you guys do to make a night at home special?

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  1. You really did a good job at making one of our routine Friday night movie nights into something new and fun. I'm happy about how cheap and easy it was too. Good job honey.

    <3 Your Wife